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the sea and the land

silence and fear

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...up there comes nothing except the humidity that saturates the air of the scents of the earth

those hands were work and prayer
the heaviness of the human condition

I worked a whole life
and I loved the sea
and the earth
and the illness


I started work as a photographer since the 1990s. In 1995 I took part in the “Kodak European Panorama”, which presents young talents of European photography. My professional interests have touched on various fields, such as fashion, architecture, portrait, food. My preferences have always been directed towards contamination rather than genre photography. My works have been displayed in galleries and public spaces all over Italy. I am currently live between Milan and Sicily and my work consist in fine art photography that I mix with graphic design for corporate and brand communication.

I teach photography inside the graphic design and art direction class at "N.A.B.A."(Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), Milan.



Coop Lombardia
Think Sicily
Gribaudo Editore
Simon & Goetz
De Beers
J.Walter Thompson
Avon Cosmetics
Cristian Dior Lingerie
Rien Lingerie
AGB Italia
Caffe' Mauro
Fiam Italia
Advema e Montangero
Roberto Gorla & Associati


Galleria Valeria Bella, Milano
Orto Botanico, Bergamo
Museo di Scienze, Bergamo
Museo Archeologico, Bergamo
Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
Laboratorio V.I.P, Milano
Spazio Eventiquattro, Ilsole24ore, Milano
Milano Fotofestival, Milano
Ragusa Fotofestival, Ragusa
Castello di Donnafugata, Ragusa
Galleria Ibiscus, Ragusa
Studio Nuova Figurazione, Ragusa
Palazzo della Cultura, Modica
Galleria Lo Magno, Modica
Laboratorio Vip, Milano
Circolo Filologico Milanese, Milano
Museo Ken Damy, Brescia
Italia Photo Expo, Udine
Palazzo Ducale, Urbino


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